Taken from Mark 1:15, this could mean ‘Believe the Good News of Jesus’ or ‘Believe the Good News of Jesus and His kingdom’ or ‘Believe the Good News of God’s plan of salvation — or all three.

Jesus is the life-giver, who conquered sin and sickness and death by living a sinless life and then willingly giving it up in a horrendous Roman execution carried out as a result of false accusations.

Pretty much all of the Bible points to Jesus and this new life we can have in Him. This is God revealing Himself, and He is good – all good. He is so loving and merciful, the Bible actually says He IS love. Understanding this tone and intention is a lens which brings out the good news to be found even in stories of difficult circumstances and man’s inhumanity to man.

This site is about sharing encouragement – encouragement in which you will learn to hear God speak to you, personally. His voice is not harsh and critical (that’s the other one). His voice is the Good News voice, a beckoning light picking out a way when everything seems dark and difficult and confusing. Welcome to Believe the Good News.

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