This is an anxious uncertain time. The scare of sickness and possible death. A very difficult time for business – some cannot operate. People cut off from friends and family. Living a locked-down, restricted life. And perhaps the worst part is the absence of positive anticipation, a sense of how this might end, which is what keep us going. We watch the daily updates, and we revere Professor Chris Whitty, a lovable boffin with his tie and collar never quite in agreement, and listen carefully to he sepulchral tones of Sir Patrick Vallance and his charts — silently asking “What hope do you have for us today?”

But that’s not where real hope is found. And the “word” we crave is going to come in a different way – if we are in the right place to discern it. This short thought from the Bible (4 1/2 mins) will help us to hear. –Ian Greig

Rev Ian Greig
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