A “two minute thought”

Addresses a question many are asking – and the answer is easier than you might think

The question

Is Covid-19 just one of those epidemics that happens, or is there a spiritual dimension we can tap into?

Well, how spiritually aware are you?
If your viewpoint is all evidence-based about “following the science” that is rigorous and good but it doesn’t leave much room for the spiritual perspective. To be holistic, we want engage with both aspects .

Hospital medicine likes certainties: scans, tests, proven treatments.
But doctors know that a person’s expectations and attitude have a lot to do with how they recover.
People are spirit, soul and body, so we want to help all three.

An epidemic like Covid-19 causes more than respiratory sickness. For the rest of us, it has a fear factor. That summons up whatever Christian faith we have, to be dusted off and brought to bear.

But how do we pray? What is God doing?

Joining the spiritual battle

There’s a side to the battle which is not seen. It is just as real.
All of us need to get stuck into this one – and it’s a lot easier than you think.

The encouragement

A verse in Paul’s letter to the church in Rome stands out to me. It’s very simple, very practical – and very true.
Don’t let evil conquer you, but conquer evil by doing good. (Romans 12:21 NLT)

“Doing good” is just that. Not threatened, not hopeless, not powerless
The GOOD NEWS is any of us, at any time, can turn to God to receive His love and goodness, then we just overflow that to others in little acts of encouragement, meeting practical needs etc.

The Christian way of doing good always involves relating to the One who is good:

  • doing what we ‘see’ the Father doing
  • following the small nudges of His Spirit
  • allowing His creativity to stir our imagination.

All we have to do is to look to Him and align ourselves with His flow of goodness and love.
We will find ourselves prayerfully “doing good”, the good that God shows us, and that, according to the verse above, is a really effective way of pushing back spiritually against the tide of evil. No need to make it more complicated…

So whatever is getting to you today:

  • your job, or perhaps your business
  • the threat of sickness for you or a loved one
  • the cold grip of fear

You turn to the One who has overcome it — by doing, thinking and expressing what is GOOD, because that is what agrees with Him, and it is in the opposite spirit, cancelling out the one sowing the sickness and fear.

We think practical and spiritual are different or even opposed, but they are not separate in God’s sight, but all part of the same flow of His goodness.
And good news again: yes, we can invite and direct that flow.

Let’s pray

Father God, everything about You is good.

You are always doing good, and You look on us with love and patience.
You always have time. You are full of generosity in every way.
Fill us with Your Spirit and Your love, to join with what You are doing.
And let Your good, coming through us, conquer the evil behind today’s troubles – and give glory to You.

Through Jesus we pray. Amen.

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