A message taken from the set readings for May 17 used by many churches, about how anyone can come to know God personally. There’s a prayer at the end to receive Jesus into your heart, done in a way which makes it easy to join in if you wish. This is all about believing the good news!

The Bible passages it is based on are:

Psalm 66:8-20 Praise for God known through His faithful love through salvation history

John 14:15-21 — Jesus spells out the promise of the Holy Spirit who makes God known

Acts 17:22-31 — The Athenians hear from Paul that God is known and personal

1 Peter 3:13-22 — Living with Christ as Lord, ready to tell others why we belong to Christ

These are set out with explanation in The Living Word for May 17, 2020

Notes to go with this talk are on this page

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