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“Love makes it impossible to harm another, so love fulfils all that the law requires.”. Romans 13:10 TPT

Good News

The Good News of Jesus and His kingdom is that we CAN live differently, because His living presence in us — the Holy Spirit — enables us.


The ‘golden rule’ — treat others how you want to be treated — is not unique in Christianity.

What is unique is the enabling or empowering that having Christ in your life brings to day by day living.

Christians are not just called to live above themselves. There is plenty of teaching about how to do this! But it is not simply the moral “do better” exhortation of a typical homily.

The Good News of Jesus and His kingdom is the good news that we CAN live differently for and in Him, because His living presence in us — the Holy Spirit, third person in the godhead — who gives us abilities and insights we don’t have in a natural way.

He builds on what is there. As God’s creations, we are all made like Him. But at the same, made different with a variety of stand-out characteristics.

  • Are you a caring, patient person? The Holy Spirit will add His gifts to what is already good.
  • Or an enterprising one? The Holy Spirit can turn you into one of God’s pioneers.
  • A musician? That can take you into a new area as the Holy Spirit focuses your talent in leading others in worship.

But there’s one attribute which is like a hallmark in precious metal. It is love, or rather, being one who is actively receiving God’s love, the love that took Jesus to the Cross on our behalf. What happens when we are being filled and impacted by God’s love? We overflow with it!

This is the hallmark of being genuine inhabitants of the kingdom of God that others see and want for themselves.

“Love makes it impossible to harm…” and this is what makes new life in Jesus, new. More than half of the foundational statements of the law, the Ten Commandments, are about not doing harm to your family, those around you, their marriage relationships, possessions and reputation. Knowing what not to do is important — but having a heart that is set on the very opposite of selfish harm, is even better. It is powerful!

Take away

Go to and enter this verse, Romans 13:10. You will see the verse in the version of your choice. (e.g. New International Version).
Just under the search box is a link to see the context of the whole chapter and also the verse in all English versions. There are some interesting emphases. What stands out to you?


For a prayer based on this verse, see this post on

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