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Then call on Me when you are in trouble, and I will rescue you, and you will give Me glory.”

Psalm 50:15 NLT

Good News

God is already close for us to turn to Him — it’s all on us to call.


From the first day at a new school onwards through life, knowing that there is someone looking out for you is good.
Just that person being there is one of the big factors that governs whether we feel secure or not.

In adult life, being part of something bigger than oneself has traditionally helped to balance that sense of isolation.
In the past century, many people spent part of their lives in the armed services, and the sense of belonging to something bigger carries on with the Royal British Legion, reunions and other connections. It was an age of belonging and identifying — with a political party, or within a trade union or professional association.

For many, belonging to their local church was as much part of their local identity as it was spiritual. Where club membership is an important part of the culture, church can easily be treated as another club, with its committee rewarding long involvement with a title.

The present age is individualistic and a distrust of institutions has made people wary. It is no longer an age of belonging. Nor is it an age of formality. At times, the two went together, the institutional identity, the respectful titles. Now, politicians and pundits alike appear on television in ‘smart casual’. Older readers might remember (or be aware anecdotally) how early BBC television presenters wore evening dress!

That facet of something bigger and grander than oneself has disappeared. But it’s not all bad. The need for a personal connection with a personal, loving God is all the greater. Jesus — simply known without formality or the packaging of an institution or organisation — has made it possible for us to know who to call when we are in trouble, who will rescue us, and who we give the glory to. And not just possible, but more desirable than ever before.

Take away

How is your sense of belonging and safety changing, and where is God in it?


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